About me



Professional Synopsis

Currently working as a Cloud DevOps Engineer at About You 

In past worked as a :

  • Security and DevOps Engineer - Entytle Inc
  • Associate Cloud Architect - Cloudmantra

Career Highlights

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional
  • Published over 90+ tech articles till date
  • Reached milestone of 70K visitors in just a year, with over 40 blogs featured on top google ranking
  • Domain expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps and Networking
  • Expertise in AWS Reserved Instance planning and cost management


About You

  • Developing and implementing effective strategies to manage Reserved Instances on AWS saving 34% of total infrastructure cost for the company
  • Part of the AWS cost optimization project where the target is to cut down AWS expenses by half. This project includes tasks such as:
    • Review AWS stacks of different teams
    • Downscale and cleanup resources in coordination with teams
  • Provide on-call support for infrastructure related emergencies
  • Managing CI/CD pipeline using Cloudformation, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and Bamboo



  • Lead the project to get Entytle SOC2 compliant.
  • Part of 3 member team which developed a standalone version of SAAS product which can be deployed on-premise on customer’s infrastructure
  • Slashed Entytle Infrastructure cost by 30% every month using RIs and various other AWS services
  • Deployed a scalable and highly available infrastructure which helped Entytle guarantee 99% uptime as an SLAs to customers
  • Introduced Infra-as-code model and have templatized 60% of AWS infrastructure single-handedly



  • Migrated SLapp (Business collaboration chat app) from on-prem to AWS
  • Was actively involved in the digital transformation of Sakal News website esakal.com
  • Responsible AWS infrastructure for 7+ startups and enterprises
  • Provided approx. 86 hours of On-call AWS support/troubleshooting for clients every month
  • Developed DevOps framework for 6 major features of company’s SaaS-based stackiton.cloud

Things I'm Passionate about

Cloud Computing
Actively working in this field, Major focus is with Amazon Web Services by designing and deploying highly scalable and fault tolerant AWS infrastructure. I also possess deep understanding and hands on experience with OpenStack . I'm working with few other cloud platforms also, such as Microsoft's Azure and Google Cloud.
My favorite subject! I love networking, concepts such as TCP/IP protocol, OSI layer model, Routing Principles and Protocols, Subnetting and Supernetting, VLSM, IPv4 ; interest's me the most. I've done certifications such as CCNA , A+, N+, MCSE
A proud System Admin! I'm doing my Master's with SysAdmin as my specialization. Networks, Security-Hardening & BCP are among my favourite area's of interest. I'd encourage fellow SysAdmins to join our meetup group Club SysAdmin

Most of my How to do's will be focused to this community. All major implementations will be of open source software and applications.


I'm actively looking for opportunities to learn new things and work with people with similar interests.

For more information feel free to drop an email at