Becoming a Blogger : One of The Best Things I Ever Did


Becoming a Blogger was something I had never planned but it turned out to be a vital thing in my career so far. 

A habit of documenting each and everything I learned got me into blogging. It was last year, same time, I had launched my website where I had put some of my latest documentations with absolutely no knowledge of blogging.

With some help from my colleagues, I learned to optimize my website and blog posts so that they were search engine friendly, eventualy within a month website attracted alot of traffic increasing every month. 

This growing traffic motivated me to write blogs more frequently, which then led me to write about average 5-6 blogs every month where each blog took approx 2 hours of writing and 3-4 hours of research.

Here are some latest figure and facts about blog:

  • No. of blog till date : 72
  • Avg visitors per day: 36
  • Avg views per day : 62
  • Total views : 9000+
  • Total visitors : 5000+
  • 15 blogs are featured on first page of Google Search (topic wise)
  • Most  traffic is from : India(3681) and USA(2250)

Not only these numbers pushed me to write more but also increased my desire to publish variety of blogs every month. There were times I struggled to think of topics for blog, it was always a tough task to finalize a topic which is niche and attractive enough to engage viewer’s interest. 

It required alot of paitence and hours of research to get a blog ready. However, being a blogger has its own advantages and perks. Here is a small list..

Things you learn as a blogger : 

Writing what’s on your mind :  You learn to put your thoughts together and write about topics more creatively and freely. 

You read alot, sometimes for hours : Blogging is all about being social. You need to answer to people queries and for that reading should be a part of day to day tasks. It takes approx 3-4 hours of research for each blog.

You build your contacts with fellow blogger : You get in touch with fellow bloggers, collaborate with them and expand your network around the world.

Some perks : –

Get noticed EASILY! : Social media platforms is the best place showcase your work. Interesting and relevant content will automatically attract many people to your blog. It is also important to have good SEO to push your articles to attain traffic from search engines.

LinkedIn views and likes gives you an idea how many people viewed your content


Interview opportunities : These days recruiters and companies are looking for employees who are passionate about what they do thus it won’t be a suprise if you see mails from companies who would like to work with you. 



Social media shoutouts : Publishing your blogs on social media equally helps you to reach out large and focused crowd, in return you get honest reviews and shoutouts which are always overwelming.

twitter notifications on a normal day.

Show it off in your CV : As per my experience companies look for people who have passion about what they do and this gives you edge over other competing candidates. 

Revenue from Google Adsense : Google ads on blog will get you enough revenues which will help you pay your hosting bills.

The more your following increases day by day the more pressure it builds to keep on writing and publishing blogs. I absolutely have no idea how long will I be able to publish 4-5 blog each month but blogging will always remain as my favourite hobby as said..

Happy is the man who is living by his hobby

– George Bernard Shaw

-Bhargav Amin

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