Review: Mrs Funnybones

Title: Mrs Funnybones
Author: Twinkle Khanna
Genre: Comedy
Type: Non-Fiction
Release Date: 18th August, 2015

“I love Twinkle Khanna’s brilliant observations and self deprecating humour- she is the discovery of the decade.”- Karan Johar

Twinkle Khanna writes columns for ‘Times of India’ and ‘Daily News and Analysis’. This book explains the turmoil of modern women who balances her work and personal life. Even though it was nominated as Bestseller in Crossword for almost 2 weeks, it did not meet my expectations. The book was ranked in Hindustan Times’ Best Non-Fiction books chart. Twinkle’s wit and humour reflects not only in the content of her book but also while naming title of the chapters as she laid emphasis on the same by using alphabetical order which is a rare thing you get to see and this caught my eye. The best one is, ‘Karan Johar celebrates Karva Chauth’.

The protagonist of the story is obviously the author, Twinkle herself, then of course, the man of the house, the eccentric mothers, two fairly strange children, and cameos by stubborn canines, weird neighbours, Parsi electricians and even a movie star or two. This book does not abide by the Universal law of having a storyline but goes by small conversations and breaks the myth that people in Bollywood lead the life of a King and a Queen. Each chapter in her book describes something which will light up one’s mood instantly, and leaves you yearning to read more. The funniest character is Twinkle’s mom, you will find all the amusing stories in second chapter of the book (B. Beware of Mommy Dearest.) “It’s not funny, Mom, and sometimes you really do make stupid mistakes. She snorts, That’s true, I made you.” On a family dinner, Twinkle’s mom describes how she had to buy clothes for a fourteen-year-old when Twinkle was just seven to talk about how fat she was as a child. The three magical Indian things: Magical godmen, Magical black thread and Magic rings, which has nothing magical in them.

In the entire book through different chapters, the author has tried to highlight the experiences regarding her family, surroundings and the way she handles them in the most humourous way possible, despite being a former actress. A sneak peak into the author’s own life but the protagonist of the story is slightly lazier, a bit more high-strung and her jokes are a lot funnier than hers. In the whole book, the author did not mention any of her family member’s name and instead chooses to funnily call them, ‘the man of the house’, ‘the prodigal son’ and ‘the baby’. Read the book to know more about a fun-filled, refreshing and endearing conversation of a family.

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