AWS gear up for India region launch this june!

AWS finally will announce its India Region at AWS Summit – Mumbai taking place next month.

It has been long awaited and the most anticipated move by AWS to open doors for big companies in BFSI sector to move public cloud.

The anticipated launch date of India Region is 28th June 2016 at AWS Summit -Mumbai

As part of AWS Enterprise Summits in India, Past year AWS had already announced their intent to open an AWS Infrastructure Region there in 2016. With tens of thousands of customers in India already making great use of AWS to drive cost savings, accelerate innovation, speed time to market and expand their geographic reach.

This new region will become a great home for startups, small-to-medium businesses, enterprises, and the public sector.

AWS customers (and their users) in the region are already taking advantage of our Amazon Route 53 and Amazon CloudFront edge locations in Chennai and Mumbai. Other edge locations that serve the general area in Asia are located in Hong Kong, China, Manila, the Philippines, Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

According to industry experts, global companies with customers in India can use AWS’s infrastructure to build their businesses and run their applications in the cloud. This move will also help AWS to securely store the companies data in India with single-digit latency said an industry expert.

Amazon already has a sizable customer base in India, including several offline and online retailers, including Future Group, Jubilant Foodworks and Paytm, that are currently being served mainly out of their data centres located in Singapore.

The bandwidth required to run this data centre is taken from one of the top telecom operators in India, said one person close to the development without naming the company. The cloud services market in India is expected to reach $1.9 billion by 2018, as per Gartner estimates.


We surely are excited as it unveils next month at AWS Summit in Mumbai

You can register here to attend AWS Summit – Mumbai


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