Review: The Bestseller She Wrote


Title: The Bestseller She Wrote
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Genre: Romance Thriller
Type: Fiction
Release Date: 28th October, 2015

This is the first time when I’m trying my hand on a book review. I laid my hands on this book on a strong recommendation by a close friend.To my surprise, the book was unputdownable, its enthralling plot, made me finish it in a day.

This book narrates a story about loving a person to the moon and back but having a soft corner for another person at the same time. This book can easily answer the most difficult question people have in their mind “Can somebody love two people at the same time?” It’s about a man who is married and has a child. He loves his wife dearly and shares an amazing chemistry with her. She also loves him equally and bestowes her blind trust in him. But how should someone react when their blind trust is broken into pieces even after having a successful marriage of 15 years?

The protagnist of the story is Aditya Kapoor, a banker with National Bank and a writer by profession who is on the verge of finishing his 5th book. Whereas, his wife, Maya, a social worker and a calm quiet person. The plot begins when Aditya meets a young and beautiful girl, Shreya Kaushik and gets attracted to her.
He recruits Shreya as a management trainee in his own bank to maintain the closeness with her. On the other hand, she is desperate and determined to become the best selling author and therefore tries to get into Aditya’s pants to get the fame she desired for. Eventually, they fall for each other and end up in a sensous relationship. His growing attraction towards her makes him lie to his own wife for every other thing. Accidentally, Maya gets shattered when Aditya’s adulterous affair with his trainee comes to her knowledge, leaving her blue in the face, while suffering from Ebola disease. She could see her own life, in tatters. Later, when Aditya was on the verge of losing his loving wife forever, then he realises her true value in his life.

This story is about the true love is between a couple and one mistake which leads Aditya to regret his whole life and how he manages to regain the trust back from his wife. Being a thriller novel, in the climax, all the events and the doings which led Aditya fall into the trap in the first place are discussed. Can trust and faith once lost be regained ? Can true love mend all the impossibilities and get back the love which was once lost? The thing which attracted me the most was the balance which the partner in the book maintain in their relationship by standing up for each other in all good and bad times inspite of being complete opposites in nature and profession. Read the book and get tangled in the story of Aditya and Maya’s true love.

Richika Agarwal

Special thanks to Ritik Srivastava!

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