Reaching 5k views and more!


First of all, I thank all the viewers for such an amazing response.

We’ve offically reached 5000 views, Yes! 5000 views, the first milestone for this blog!

The feeling….

It has been crazy experience running a blog, sitting hours to write and publish posts. This post is on account of the journey we’ve accomplished at

The journey!

Kick started on 19th Jan 2016

I remember the struggle to setup a website, do all kinds of SEO stuff and structure website content and categories. I was lucky enough to get help from Amandeep Singh, his indept knowledge on website hosting and SEO helped me build this website in like 13 days.

Early struggles..

There were days you had so many thoughts of what could you write and there were some days where you could hardly think of something. Getting use to write blogs on weekly basis, it takes 2-3 hours depending on topic to write a blog post and to write about 6-8 posts in a month was a huge task but it did’nt took long to get use to it.

Accomplishment and Recognition :

    • Marketing the website.. I took off marketing campiagns on facebook, twitter and instagram which gave me initial viewers but then just mearly through some good posts the traffic suddenly increased over the time, thanks to good SEO.

  • We’ve now switched onto email marketing as well to attract more viewers to website. The site has been receving most of its viewers through organic search(from google and bing)
  • The site has reached the minimum of 35% on bounce rate which is stagerring!
  • The site is most viewed among countries like India, USA, Japan and Australia with about 80% of viewers use desktop and 18% use high end mobile device to access website, remaining 2% views was by tablets.
  • I’ve recieved many comments, mails and reviews about blog posts which were really motivating.

Shoutout to subscribers and the team!

To the subscribers and to the team (Ritik, Richika, Pankil and many more)

What’s next ?

Alot of new blog post’s every week!

Plus few new collaborations with writers to bring alot more interesting content to blog and new categories, also I’m working to make this blog to its most SEO’ed level

If anyone who’s interested in writing a occassional blog posts are most welcomed, you can mail me your work at, if you want my help to publish your own private blog, I would be happy to help just drop a query!

Again thank you everyone!

Next stop 10K views.. 


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