Change MySQL server port (Ubuntu)


Following are the steps to change mysql server port :

All these task are to performed on specified server and client side.

Server Side

• Install MySQL server :

sudo apt­get install mysql­server­5.6

• Configure MySQL server :

Password for MySQL during installation was set to “root” // you can use you own mysql password or change it

• Change port for MySQL server :

Go to config file of mysql server :

sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf
#change socket port for client :
port = 3306 to port = 6606
#change mysqld port for server :
port =3306 to port =6606
#change bind address :
bind­address = to bind­address =

• Create database :

mysql> create database esa_project;


mysql> use esa_project;


mysql> create table SICSR (sid int(10) PRIMARY KEY, sfname varchar(200), slname varchar(200),city varchar(50),fees varchar(10));

• Insert into SICSR :

mysql>insert into SICSR values ('1','bhargav','amin','vadodara','500000');

• Grant privileges to client:

mysql>GRANT ALL ON esa_project.* TO sicsradmin@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'mysql';

Client side

• Install MySQL client :

$sudo apt­get install mysql­client

• Try to access MySQL server at :

$mysql ­u sicsradmin ­p ­h

Incase you get error such as :

1. ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111)

Change bind­address in /etc/mysql/my.cnf file :

bind­address = to bind­address =

Open port 6606 in iptables if not opened already:

sudo iptables ­A INPUT ­i eth0 ­p tcp ­m tcp ­­dport 6606 ­j ACCEPT


You can also allow access to specific client by provide rules such as :

2. Write a rule to allow all the client from any port connect to MySQL server ip and port

for input if not given already:

sudo iptables ­A INPUT ­p tcp ­s 0/0 ­­sport 1024:65535 ­d ­­dport 6606 ­m state state NEW,ESTABLISHED ­j ACCEPT

Write another rule to allow output from MySQL server to any client if not given already

sudo iptables ­A OUTPUT ­p tcp ­s ­­sport 6606 ­d 0/0 ­­dport 1024:65535 ­m state ­­state ESTABLISHED ­j ACCEPT

3. ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host '‘ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Check for privileges of client on MySQL server:

show grants for 'sicsradmin'@'';

GRANT ALL ON esa_project.* TO sicsradmin@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'mysql';

• Try to access MySQL server at :

$mysql ­u sicsradmin ­p ­h

Note : If connection is successful you will be able to login into mysql

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